LinkBacc changes the way you get noticed and notifies you when you are. Anytime someone clicks your link you'll get information in your email inbox about who clicked form where.

πŸ”— Create Custom Links πŸ”—

Create custom links with your personal username, wordings, and categories of your choice.

πŸ›Ž Get Notified per Click πŸ›Ž

Receive an email containing information about what link was clicked and who clicked it.

πŸ˜₯ Worry Less, Know More 😎

No more guessing or hoping a recruiter/client/customer opens your linkβ€”you’ll know.

Use Cases

Personal Site in Applications

In the software field, many job and school applications have a section for you to put in your personal site. You can spend a lot of time working on your site but how many employees see it? With Linkbacc you not only will be notified of a click, but you can also see the location that the click came from.

Link Posting

When you post a link on social media or in communication, you want to know if your links are being clicked. Linkbacc is a simple solution for you to find out finally.

Social Media in Applications

Often when you put in your social urls in applications, you never see if an employer looked. With Linkbacc you will know how much you should mind what you post.